Let’s start at the very beginning

I’ve decided to start this blog to follow my journey as I build a family over the next few years. Only 2 years ago, I was a single woman, disabled and unsure of where life was headed. Then, I met Steven (name changed to protect privacy). After a beautiful 10 month romance, we got engaged.

I use a service dog to help me get through the day and we have been partnered since August 2011. My service dog is a 4 year old yellow labrador named Daphne.  I suffer from complex migraines that are triggered by most indoor lighting. The migraines don’t hurt, but they mimic strokes and when I have one, I have trouble walking, navigating, even talking. I get confused, disoriented, dizzy, and I generally have a bad time. Here is a picture of Daphne in full harness.


Steven didn’t seem to skip a beat when I arrived with Daphne on one of our first dates. We actually became quite a nice little working family very quickly.

Because I do not get my migraines outdoors, we are about to add another member to our family. Steven is originally from the Netherlands so we decided to get a dutch breed puppy, known as a drentsche patrijshond, or dutch partridge dog. I hope to train to train the dog in agility or hunting trails and maybe get out of the house more often. Our puppy was just conceived a few days ago and is due to be born on January 17th. We are going to be picking him/her up from the breeder in mid-march. Here’s is a picture of a drentsche patrijshond or “drent”:

random drent

To add even more excitement, we should be moving this upcoming summer. Steven is a professor of math at an ivy league school, but this particular school does not offer tenure to young math professors. So, he is currently looking for a tenure track job in the US. I have high hopes that we will be moving to Denver (he has applied to the University of Colorado), but we may also be moving to Baton Rouge, Atlanta, or Nashville. We plan to buy a house once we get to where we’re going. I told Steven that my only condition when it comes to my move is that there is plenty of room for my dogs to run.

Finally, there is the wedding. We are getting married on October 26, 2014 at my old eating club in Princeton University. So, there will be a lot of discussion of wedding plans on this blog as well.

Essentially, there is a lot going on in my life right now and I want to keep a safe log of it all.



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