Holiday engagement party = pure awesome

My parents threw Stefan and me an engagement party last weekend. It was off da’ hook…and I don’t even care that no one says that anymore.

I got dressed up in my best holiday dress, which is a big deal because my usual idea of dressing up is wearing a sweatshirt that doesn’t have tears in it.

photo (8)

Stefan and I posed for pictures in front of the tree before people started showing up.


We had an amazing assortment of drinks: eggnog with clouds of vanilla ice cream floating in it, hot apple cider with butterscotch schnapps on the side to add for taste, lots of wine, soft drinks. We had croissant sandwiches, little puff pastries, baked salami. For dinner we had two pork shoulders with rice and baked ziti. My cousin made delicious homemade kiche.

For dessert we had tiramisu (thanks to my Aunt Sharon) and a big cake with our names on it:

photo (10)

We had a lot of family and friends come. A few of my college friends came and brought their new Sheltie puppy, which of course I spent most of the night squishing with joy:

photo (8)

At the end of the evening we all got together and decorated the tree. It turned out quite nicely:


We got a lot of nice gifts. My little cousins even wrote us a really nice note. While I appreciated their well-wishes and I loved that they took the time to write a card, we got a nice laugh because their handwriting was a little ambiguous:

photo (11)

All in all it was a good night. We got a lot of great gifts that are really going to be helpful starting a life together. It was so nice to have my family all around me to celebrate such a happy time.

Also, I have to say that I was really proud of myself for keeping it together for the whole party. I’ve been having a lot of trouble staying awake through the day and managing my pain and my moods lately. I spent Monday recovering. It was sort of sad that I couldn’t help out more with the set up and clean up of the party. I wish I could have done more.


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